Your Favorite View in COLOR: EnChroma Tech in Scenic Viewfinders

Your Favorite View in COLOR: EnChroma Tech in Scenic Viewfinders

Imagine your all-time favorite view in nature; maybe it’s a scenic overlook into a valley full of red, orange, and yellow trees all changing color for autumn, or perhaps it’s the lush, verdant green of the forest at the start of spring. For those with red-green colorblindness, breathtaking nature experiences like these might look a little underwhelming; colorblind people may see as little as 10% of the hues and shades that normal-sighted people see. The beautiful colors of fall might be hard to distinguish from each other while the green of the treetops in the forest might blend with the colors of bark and dirt below.

This inability to fully appreciate the beauty of our world’s natural sights is an all too common experience for those with red-green colorblindness. Both red and green are common colors in nature and the inability to distinguish between shades can cause major confusion when visiting world-renowned, colorful, and scenic destinations. It can be disappointing, and even frustrating, for those unable to experience these sights like those with normal color vision.

Now, thanks to innovations in EnChroma lens technology, people with red-green color blindness can experience the natural world in a whole new way!

EnChroma Viewfinders and Glasses Rental

Since 2019, we’ve partnered with state and national parks across the US to put EnChroma lenses into viewfinders at scenic overlooks and sights. With these viewfinders, we are bringing a new world of color to those with red-green color blindness, and giving them the chance to experience the beauty of nature more like normal-sighted people do. We’ve also helped to create glasses loaner programs that allow visitors to borrow a pair of EnChroma glasses at parks to explore the natural world in vibrant color!

Where Can You Find EnChroma?

We’ve partnered with over 50 NPS (National Park Service), US Fish & Wildlife Service and NWRS (National Wildlife Refuge System) locations to increase color blindness accessibility with EnChroma viewfinders and glasses for those with CVD. The program spans 20 states at both state and national parks. Most recently, North Dakota State Parks & Recreation bought glasses to loan at all of their state parks. Find out if your local state and national parks offer EnChroma viewers or glasses by visiting their website or click here to see EnChroma’s list of locations!

EnChroma Viewers and Glasses at YOUR Park

EnChroma glasses are a great way to bring in more traffic to your park, and make visits by color blind people and their families and friends more memorable. In a study on the effects of color blindness, 85% of respondents said they are more likely to visit a park or tourist destination if it loans EnChroma glasses to visitors. Want to learn how you can get EnChroma glasses and viewers in your park? The investment to get started is low and the process is easy to make our glasses and viewers available. You can launch both within a matter of days! Learn more about making your park more ‘color accessible’ here, and introduce your visitors to a new world of color with EnChroma.

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