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Excited to give EnChroma as a gift but not sure where to start?

We've got you covered.


Find out what type of EnChroma glasses will work best for the gift recipient. We suggest that they take our Color Blindness Test. But if you don’t want to ruin the surprise, you can use the Traffic Light Test below.

Ask the gift recipient to describe how they see a traffic light. In particular, see if they describe the bottom light as “pale green” or “white” and match their responses to the diagrams below.


Indoor vs Outdoor?

Indoor Glasses

(not recommended)

Best for indoors

Outdoor Glasses


Best Overall


EnChroma frames are designed to be universally flattering on everyone. Pick one of our bestsellers below or choose from dozens of styles.


My gift recipient wears prescription glasses. Can I get EnChroma in prescription?

Yes! Most styles are available in prescription. Or, get your gift recipient the Receptor glasses that fit over their regular glasses.

Do I need to know what type of color blindness my gift recipient has before I order?

No, but it is helpful. EnChroma glasses are effective in 4 out of 5 cases of red-green color blindness. Our outdoor glasses work best overall.

How can I be sure that EnChroma glasses will work for my gift recipient?

Each person’s experience with EnChroma is unique. EnChroma glasses are effective in 4 out of 5 cases of red-green color blindness. Most people see results in less than 30 minutes, but people with strong color blindness may need more than one try. We recommend wearing the glasses for at least 10 hours over 1-2 weeks to get the full effect.

How do returns work?

If for any reason the gift recipient wants to return their EnChroma glasses, they can return them within 60 days. See our Return Policy for more details.

Can I buy a gift card?

Yes, you can purchase an EnChroma digital gift card. They are emailed directly to recipient and arrive within a few hours after they’re purchased.