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Science & Lens Technology

Groundbreaking Research Reveals the Power of EnChroma Technology

EnChroma's patented lens technology makes colors visible so those with color blindness can see the vibrancy of reds and oranges, blues and purples or more vibrant greens. A recent study conducted by UIW reveals EnChroma glasses:

  • Stimulate the brains color vision center
  • Show Immediate and long lasting improvement
  • Reveal 3 to 5x improvement after 6 months

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Color Blind Vision

With EnChroma Glasses


About Color Blind Lens Technology

How Do EnChroma Glasses Work?

Based on the latest color perception neuroscience, EnChroma lenses filter light to alleviate the red/green color cone overlap that that leads to color confusion. Most people with red-green color blindness will see an expanded range of visible colors and distinguish shades more accurately. Plus, with our 60-day guarantee, there is no risk to try.

About Color Blindness

What is Color Blindness?

An average person with normal vision typically sees up to 1 million shades of color. In the eyes of someone with color blindness, there is a greater overlap of the red and green cones' sensitivity, reducing the number of shades seen by up to 90% and causing frequent color confusion.

About Color Blindness

How Common is Color Blindness?

1 in 12 men have some form of color blindness compared to 1 in 200 women, with a total estimate of around 350 million people world wide.

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I used to think color would never impact my life. These are amazing and changed, literally, the way I view the world. Thank you.

Brian A

I feel the gift of color is wasted on many. They Don’t appreciate the vibrancy of the world they have. I’ve had a taste of that world now. The immersive depth of colors touches my soul with joy.

Nicholas P.

I have many premium sunglasses from Ray Bans, Persol, Randolph etc. and the EnChroma are the best. Superior clarity, quality construction and I can see reds and greens much better. They make a beautiful world.

Robert B.