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Protans make up about 25% of red-green color blindness cases, that’s why we designed our Outdoor Protan and Indoor Universal lenses  specifically to boost reds and normalize the red-green ratio.

Never knew what I was missing. I've had them for 2 weeks and I still find new things I never knew had color. I find myself every day wanting to go outside and watch the sunset.

Justin G.

Phenomenal and mind-blowing... It's been a week and I still find myself just staring at random things while my brain processes the colour. Plants are more vibrant, colours have more depth, and I can see red flowers and berries on plants. If I could give more stars I would. Every colour blind person should experience this at some point.

Matthew N.

Life is more clear vivid and bright!! I highly recommend buying these if your color vision impaired. The indoor glasses work perfect for outdoors. Reds and greens have never been more vivid with depth. Thrilled i bought these. Absolutely worth every penny.

Dajon P.