Why Sports Are Better with EnChroma Color Blind Glasses

Why Sports Are Better with EnChroma Color Blind Glasses

Hey there, sports enthusiasts! Let's talk about something that affects more people than you might think – color blindness. Did you know that around 350 million people worldwide have some form of red-green color blindness? That's like having the entire population of the United States affected by color vision deficiencies – crazy, right? We could talk about color blind stats all day, but let's dive into why EnChroma color blind glasses can take your sports experience to a whole new level.

Picture this:

You're on the golf course, surrounded by the serene beauty of the green fairway, and the excitement of the game builds with each swing. As you approach the hole, you notice that the crucial red flag indicating the location is the same color as the grass. For many people living with color blindness, this is the reality they face. The deficiencies in the red and green cone cells of their eyes can result in almost 90% of colors being indistinguishable compared to those with normal vision.

This is what a color blind golfer might see.

That's where EnChroma color blind glasses come in to save the day! These nifty glasses are designed to enhance color perception for those with red-green color blindness, making those vibrant greens pop and allowing players to better distinguish between different elements on the field.

Imagine effortlessly spotting your teammates, the ball, and the goalposts with newfound clarity. EnChroma glasses can help color blind athletes overcome the challenges they might face in sports and let them focus on what they do best – playing the game they love!

When it comes to watching sports EnChroma color blind glasses outshine competitors like Pilestone and Colorlite in three major ways:

  • Technology: EnChroma owns the patent for the lens technology invented and designed to filter wavelengths of light specifically for color blindness. The “multi-notch filtering" provides a tailored and effective enhancement to color perception so you can distinguish colors both on and off the field with better accuracy.
  • Color and Clarity:  Comparing other color blind glasses vs EnChroma’s glasses is like comparing the difference between cheap 3D lenses from movie theaters to custom prescription lenses. You just can’t fake quality, and you definitely can’t fake true color– though, many have tried. If you’ve ever watched a World Cup or Super Bowl on a TV set from the 90’s and then witnessed the transformation to the big fancy 4k screens we have these days, then you know exactly the kind of contrast we’re talking about. Colors are simply bigger, better, and bolder. *cue the buzzer*
  • Science: EnChroma is the only brand that has been scientifically proven to have both immediate and long-lasting effects on color vision for individuals with red-green color blindness. Studies have shown direct impacts to the color vision processing center with EnChroma glasses.

Whether you're a player or a fan in the stands, EnChroma color blind glasses can bring a whole new dimension to your sports experience. It's time to level up your game and see the world of sports in all its colorful glory!


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