How Everyday Colors Change with EnChroma Glasses

How Everyday Colors Change with EnChroma Glasses


A lifestyle photographer with color blindness documents all the ways his world of color has changed.

Since that first night the sun laid to rest over the horizon behind the Canadian Rocky Mountains and covered itself with a blanket of cloudy cotton candy, I have had a hard time taking my EnChroma glasses off. Everyday now I try to go for a walk in the afternoons and document things I didn’t know were in existence before or I thought were the wrong colour...

I asked my girlfriend or pals to confirm all of the colours, that’s how I know what they are

These pictures are not my finest work of course, just quick iPhone snaps as I go through my daily life. As a photographer and someone who revels in borrowing moments to turn them into memories, almost as if each day of life is a memoir magazine, the gift of colour is the greatest gift I have ever received.

Watch Jay’s first EnChroma moment

Jay R McDonald is the co-founder of Roam Creative and a professional commercial photographer with red-green color blindness. His work has been featured on National Geographic, Sony Alpha Universe, Folks Magazine, Explore Canada, Travel Alberta, Swoop Airlines and many more.

Follow him on Instagram at @jayrmcdonald or find him on Roam Creative’s website at

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