What Makes EnChroma Glasses Different from the Competition?

What Makes EnChroma Glasses Different from the Competition?

At EnChroma, we’ve spent more than 10 years developing groundbreaking lens technology to help address red-green color blindness. We’re constantly improving, conducting research and developing new technology to bring you better color vision.

Since we invented EnChroma technology, competitors have sprung up around us claiming to provide the same enhanced color vision benefits that EnChroma lenses provide, but our glasses are different.

The difference is in the science. We combine the latest in color perception neuroscience, optical dyes, lens material innovations, and manufacturing techniques to deliver color blind glasses that are scientifically proven to stimulate the brain’s color processing center and enhance color vision. Our competitors can’t claim those same benefits.

How Do Competitors’ Glasses Work?

While our competition claims to provide the same benefits as EnChroma glasses, their glasses often distort color vision rather than improve it. Many of our competitors simply apply a red filter to their lenses, similar to any normal pair of tinted glasses. This can make greens appear darker and enhance the color of objects that are red. However, instead of enhancing your color vision, these glasses are only adding a red tint to everything you see. They impede your accurate color vision to give you the perception that they’re improving it!

How Do EnChroma Glasses Work?

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EnChroma glasses have been specifically developed for those with red-green color blindness and are backed by years of research, development and scientific studies that prove EnChroma lenses do more than just tint your view of the world. Our glasses utilize a specialized notch-filter that works with your light-sensitive cone cells to actually improve your color vision.

The notch filter selectively blocks certain wavelengths of light where confusion or excessive overlap of color sensitivity occurs. The red and green photoreceptor cone signals are altered to create a greater amount of difference in color discrimination along the so-called “confusion line” for color blind individuals.

Our latest lenses improve upon our proven formula and deliver up to 35% better color performance than ever before and are scientifically proven to stimulate your brain’s color vision processing, unlike our competitors. EnChroma glasses actually enhance color differentiation for those with red-green color blindness while leaving other colors unaffected. Our glasses have even been shown to improve users’ color vision when they’re not wearing their EnChroma glasses, something none of our competitors can claim.

How Can I Try EnChroma Glasses?

EnChroma glasses are effective for protan and deutan red-green color blindness. Check out our color blindness test and lens guide and find out which EnChroma lenses are right for you. You can also visit one of our retailers and try EnChroma lenses for yourself!

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