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EnChroma Color Blindness Test

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This test measures your type and extent of color blindness.

This test is for personal informational purposes only and is not a qualified medical diagnosis. Results may vary depending on type and quality of your display device. Do not wear any type of filtering eyewear for this test: this may invalidate the result. Please consult an eye care professional for more information regarding color vision deficiency.

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EnChroma Cx: Color Blindness Correcting Glasses

EnChroma makes color blindness correcting glasses based on high-tech optical technology. The free test on this page is provided to help our customers assess their color vision needs. See below for more information about our eyewear products.

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What People Are Saying

Then I put on the glasses. Unbelievable! Now I saw two entire additional color bands, above and below the yellow arc. It was suddenly a complete rainbow. I don’t mind admitting, I felt a surge of emotion. It was like a peek into a world I knew existed, but had never been allowed to see.

David Pogue, New York Times

This morning has been amazing and overwhelming. It hit its peak when I was able to look into my wife’s eyes and see the many shades of green and brown – something I cannot think about even now without getting emotional.

Ray D., Arizona