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EnChroma Cx: Color Blindness Correcting Lens

Made with Digital Color Boost™
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What is it: The EnChroma Cx is a sunglass lens for color blindness correction. It’s made with an extra-strength version of EnChroma’s proprietary Digital Color Boost™.

How it works: Red-green color blindness is a genetic defect that makes the sense of red and green “crossed” so they are more overlapping than normal. By removing the wavelengths of light where overlap is occurring, the lens amplifies the color signal sent to the brain.

What it does for you: Colors appear bright and pure, popping out to give a pronounced “3D effect”. Thousands more shades can be seen. Colors can be recognized more quickly and with less confusion. Traffic signals go from red, yellow, white to red, yellow, green. Road signs, red curbs and safety markings are more visible. For many people with color blindness, the effect is a profound emotional experience.

Fact: 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women worldwide have color blindness.

The EnChroma Cx is available in a range of frames to suit your personal style.

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Recommended Frames:

EnChroma UV450: Super Sunglass Lens

The EnChroma UV450: an unprecedented 450nm cut-off filter blocking 100% of UV light and 98% of blue-light, combined with EnChroma’s unique color enhancement technology. Superior solar protection without the unpleasant yellow tinting of a conventional blue-light blocker.

Recommended Frames:

EnChroma NRG: Performance Enhancing Lens

The EnChroma NRG: for people with normal color vision, the NRG “super enhances” colors. Get a unique performance edge in difficult visual conditions, or just sit back and enjoy the colors!

Available Frames:

Repair Services

Repair Services: In case of an accident, EnChroma provides a comprehensive expert repair service. Choose from economical options depending on which part is affected.


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