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The EnChroma Story

Co-inventors Andrew Schmeder and Don McPherson formed Enchroma, Inc. in 2010. Andrew, a UC Berkeley-trained mathematician, helped Don, who held a PhD in glass science, crack the code behind his serendipitous discovery: glasses that enhanced color vision for people with color blindness. With help from an NIH SBIR grant, the duo spent nearly ten years perfecting a stylish consumer-grade version of this new lens technology that revealed color as it is meant to be seen—pure, vibrant, and true to life. Since the very start, Enchroma has been using the latest understandings in color perception neuroscience to help countless people not just see color, but see and understand the world.

Enchroma received the 2016 Tibbetts Award from the U.S. Small Business Administration in recognition of the impact of its technological innovation and commercialization of a new product assisted by federal research funding.

The Enchroma Team

Andrew Schmeder

President & CEO, Co-Founder & Inventor
[email protected]

UC Berkeley-trained mathematician Andrew Schmeder has broad expertise with technological innovation and was responsible for the design and optimization of Enchroma’s products. Andy’s diverse background includes time as a staff researcher at UC Berkeley where he was introduced to the concept of perceptual psychophysics: the science of how physical events that occur in the world relate to the human perception and cognition resulting from those events. Through this intellectual framework, Schmeder was initially introduced to the idea of using technology to assist with sensory disabilities by looking at how the parameters of digital hearing aids can be manipulated in real-time to improve experiences such as enjoyment of music for the hearing impaired. Later, this experience would prove invaluable in his work developing Enchroma.

Don McPherson, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer, Co-Founder & Inventor
[email protected]

Don, a Doctor of Glass Science, was responsible for the original “ah-ha” moment that led to the formation of Enchroma. His new invention—laser safety glasses for surgeons—had a coincidental positive effect on the vision of people with color blindness. This discovery was the basis for an SBIR grant from the US Small Business Administration, which launched the research critical to the formation of Enchroma.  In addition to his contributions to Enchroma, Don has served as President of Bay Glass Research, Inc., Vice President of  Research and Development at Vetrazzo, Inc., and Founder & CEO Counter Production, LLC. Don is the recipient of 5 NEI, NIH, and National Cancer Institute grants and has authored 6 patents and 14 scientific papers.

Jason Sheldon

Chief Information Officer
[email protected]

With his background in computer engineering, project management, and digital marketing strategy, Jason Sheldon develops proactive, business-driven solutions for Enchroma.  His career has been marked by innovation and creativity in the full software and application development lifecycle at Fortune 500 companies including Disney, Wells Fargo, PG&E, Kodak, Johnson & Johnson, Sephora, and Restoration Hardware. As the information leader at Enchroma, Jason creates advanced methodologies, tools, and processes to improve UX, streamline operations, and optimize internal technologies.

Mark Mattison-Shupnick

Professional Practice Consultant, Director
[email protected]

Master optician Mark Mattison-Shupnick is a member of the board of directors for Enchroma, Inc. and a veteran optical industry consultant. As an expert in optometry and inductee of the  Opticianry Hall of Fame, he develops market insights for organizations while also conducting primary research. Mark is an experienced ophthalmic trainer and a recipient of the Beverly Myers Award for Education from the National Academy of Opticianry. A regular contributor to industry publications 20/20 and Vision Monday, Mark shares his decades of expertise in lectures around the country and world.

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