Outdoor/Indoor Classic Combo

Limited Time Offer! Save $300 on full retail value with our Outdoor/Indoor Refurbished Bundle Special for improved color vision anywhere, anytime. Offer valid on specific bundle EnChroma Certified Refurbished glasses only. Items include case and cleaning cloth in white shipping box. Returns subject to $50 restocking fee per item.


EnChroma Certified Refurbished color blind glasses function like new glasses and have been cleaned and reconditioned to meet or exceed our strict quality standards for lens and frame performance. Not available in prescription.

Ellis Tortoise Outdoor is a classic wayfarer with our Cx3 Sun lens that's versatile and looks great on everyone. The Cx3 Outdoor Lens is ideal for use in bright, outdoor conditions. Made from TR-90, a lightweight, durable and flexible material known for retaining its shape. Handcrafted in Italy. Case included. Frame size: Medium 54-18-145. Fits most Adults.

Bancroft Slate Indoor is a gently rounded, rectangular frame with  a slightly bold brow bar for a universally flattering style. This frame includes thee Cx1 Indoor Lens, which is perfect for most types of color blindness and indoor low light conditions. Made from lightweight stainless steel, this sophisticated frame is designed for durability. . Features optical quality spring hinges and silicone nose pads. Case included. Frame size: Medium 54-17-140.

  • PROPRIETARY SPECTRAL LENS TECHNOLOGY: Our award-winning lens technology is the result of more than a decade of pioneering research by EnChroma scientists, and is uniquely engineered to enhance color vision for people with color vision deficiency.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY FORMULATED AND DESIGNED IN BERKELEY, CA: EnChroma’s eyewear is made in our medical device manufacturing facility where EnChroma technicians perform 100% of lens machining, assembly, and quality verification using a combination of imported and US components.
  • BEST-IN-CLASS LENS MATERIAL: Our lens material is made with Trivex®, an optical-grade resin that delivers a best-in-class combination of impact protection, lightness, and clarity.
  • 100% UV PROTECTION: EnChroma lenses block 100% of the UVA and UVB radiation components in sunlight. According to the World Health Organization, UVA rays are unfiltered by the atmosphere and can cause the most damage to vision health.
  • ULTRA-TOUGH ANTI-SCRATCH COATING: To ensure a long service life free of scratches, our lenses are clad with an optically clear, thermal-crosslinked coating to provide added lens durability.
  • CLARITY ENHANCING ANTI-REFLECTIVE COATING: Lenses without anti-reflection coatings reflect up to 12% of light back into your eyes. EnChroma lenses feature dual-surface anti-reflective coatings to reduce reflections by more than 90%.
  • SUPERHYDROPHOBIC TOP COAT: This water repellent surface treatment makes the lens slippery so that dust and dirt can be easily removed with a quick wipe of the included microfiber cloth.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: EnChroma backs up every purchase with our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee and 2-year Warranty See details.
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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to P65Warnings.ca.gov.

How does this warning relate to EnChroma glasses?

Like most eyewear frames, EnChroma frames may contain stainless steel hardware components such as wire, hinges and screws. Stainless steel is an alloy of iron, chromium and nickel. Metallic nickel has been classified as a possible carcinogen and is on the Prop 65 warning list.

What testing does EnChroma perform on its frames?

EnChroma uses an independent third party laboratory to test its frames and lenses for compliance with international standards including EN 16128:2015. EnChroma frames are compliant with the requirement for upper limit of nickel migration as specified in paragraph 1(b) and (c) of entry 27 of Annex XVII to the REACH. REACH is a European Union regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals. However, the REACH is not recognized by the State of California. For more information and Prop 65 and how it applies to eyewear and EnChroma products contact support@enchroma.com

NOTICE: EnChroma glasses are an optical assistive device for enhancement of color discrimination in persons with color blindness; they are not a cure for color blindness. Results vary depending on the type and extent of color vision deficiency per individual. Read More

EnChroma does not endorse the use of the glasses to pass occupational screening tests such as the Ishihara test: these tests may be required in occupations where public safety is at risk such as public transport operators, electricians and first responders. Wearing of any filtering lens including colored contact lenses during test administration is prohibited and may invalidate the accuracy of the results.

Customer Reviews

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My 12-year-old son loves them

According to the online color test and a color test with an optometrist, my son has moderate to severe Deutan color blindness. We were able to have him tryout Enchromas at an optometrist before buying. Despite being Deutan, after comparing the Deutan and Protan indoor lenses, he preferred the Protan CX1 indoor pink lenses to the Deutan CX1 indoor blue lenses. Both lenses worked well, but he said the Protan lenses delivered some brighter colors. You may want to search for a local retailer and try before buying. These glasses ain't cheap, which brings me to my next comment. Are they worth it? We bought a pair of indoor and outdoor glasses. According to him, colors are more vibrant. Orange looks yellowish grey without the glasses; with the glasses orange looks orange. He said it is a bit difficult to explain because he is seeing colors in a way he has never seen them before. He wears his metal frame indoor CX1 glasses to school and while watching TV. The outdoor sunglasses also work well, although it's winter and there's not much color to see right now. So was it worth it? These are his words: "Thanks for buying these for me. They're awesome." The glasses were listed as refurbished and were discounted. True to Enchroma's claim, they were in "like new" condition. Hope others have just as good an experience.

Cx3 Sun Deutan &
Bright Sun
Cx3 Sun SP Strong
Bright Sun
Cx1 Indoor Deutan &
Indoor Light,
Screen Use
Cx1 Indoor DT Deutan Indoor Light,
Screen Use
We recommend the Outdoor Lenses for your first pair for maximum color impact.
See full Lens Guide for additional Details.
*Cx1 Indoor: Ideal for Protans; May also be appropriate for Deutan color blindness.
Experience may vary. For best results, use indoors with bright full-spectrum lighting rated CRI of 90+.