Ellis is a classic wayfarer that's versatile and looks great on everyone. Made from TR-90, a lightweight, durable and flexible material known for retaining its shape. Handcrafted in Italy. Case included. EnChroma® Ellis. Color blindness glasses for adults. Frame size: Medium 54-18-145. Fits most adults.

Frame Color
Matte Grey
Matte Brown
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    • PROPRIETARY SPECTRAL LENS TECHNOLOGY: Our award-winning high performance eyewear for color blindness are uniquely engineered to enhance color vision and bring clear, vibrant color to your world.
    • OUTDOOR and INDOOR GLASSES: Our Outdoor glasses deliver the maximum color impact and also serve as ideal sunglasses for bright days. Our Indoor glasses are designed for lower light conditions such as viewing computers and TV. As a result, colors will be less enhanced with our Indoor lenses than with our Outdoor lenses. Most EnChroma customers purchase the Outdoor glasses first due to its versatility and full daytime color experience.
    • “BEST-IN-CLASS” TRIVEX® LENS MATERIAL: Trivex is an optical-grade resin that delivers a superior combination of lightness, clarity, and impact protection. Trivex exceeds FDA impact resistance standards by more than 50x and is recommended by eye doctors for use in safety glasses and children’s eyewear products. Learn more about Trivex lens material.
    • LIGHTWEIGHT, DURABLE FRAME:  Perfect for all-day wear, EnChroma frames are made with TR-90, a lightweight, yet sturdy material often used in sportswear frames, known for its comfortable fit and retaining its shape.
    • 100% UV PROTECTION :  All EnChroma lenses are 100% UVA and UVB absorbing. According to the World Health Organization, UVA rays are unfiltered by the atmosphere and can cause the most damage to vision health.
    • CLARITY-ENHANCING, DUAL SURFACE, ANTI-REFLECTIVE LENSES: EnChroma lenses are anti-reflective on both sides of the lens to maximize clarity and reduce haze. This virtually eliminates lens surface reflections to see the world the way it truly is.
    • ANTI-SCRATCH and EASY TO CLEAN: Advanced oleophobic and hydrophobic lenses repel water, dust, and sweat, making the lens easy to clean and KEEP CLEAN!
    • EXTRAS: Premium case, cleaning cloth and drawstring bag included.
    • WEAR PRESCRIPTION GLASSES? EnChroma glasses are available in single vision or progressive lenses. Or, try our Receptor Fitover to conveniently wear our EnChroma glasses over your existing glasses or contacts.
    • WEAR CONTACTS? Our non-prescription Indoor and Outdoor glasses can be worn over your contacts.
    • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE with every pair.
        • No Risk, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. See Return Policy.
        • Comprehensive 2-year Warranty included.
        • 100% Quality Inspection on every pair.
    FREE 2-DAY SHIPPING in the U.S.; World-wide shipping available.
  • Width: / Measurements:

    What do these numbers mean?
    Lens Width
    Bridge Size
    Temple Length

    Other Details:
    Frame Width
    Lens Height

    - Recommended Pupillary Distance (PD) Range:
    - Progressive/Bifocal:
    - Frame Material:
    - Frame Shape:

    Measurements can also be found on some select frames printed inside the temple arm.

    Prescription Information
    Single Vision - For one field of vision (near, intermediate, distance) or for reading

    Progressive - This frame is not available in progressive.(Varifocal) For seamless transition from reading, distance, and near vision.

    You can email your prescription any time after placing your order. Please include your Pupillary Distance (PD) measurement along with your prescription. We will contact you if we require additional information, and remind you if you forget to submit your prescription.

    We can make almost any Rx, and the same 60-day return guarantee applies.
    This frame is not available in Rx.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Best thing ever!!!

I got these for my son. He hasn’t seen any type of red, pink or purple and sometimes green since he was little. He did not think they would help and didn’t want them. I have fought with him for a year about getting them and he finally agreed to it. He is so happy! I’ve read some of the reviews that they didn’t work for them or they still couldn’t see colors on tv or computer screens. But he can. He wants to go to college for graphic design so this worked out perfect! Thank you so much echroma!

New Favorite Colors

I've been wearing the indoor Ellis glasses for a while now and I'm just flabbergasted on how great red and green looks. Bright colors seems to pop out more, but red and green just catches my eye. Sunsets are the best! I strongly recommend to wear these glasses more and more for it to work properly.

My husband’s life has been changed!

My husband cried when he realized all the colors that he has been missing out on his whole life. He said he couldn’t believe how bland and boring his vision has been his whole life. He is overwhelmed with joy at the bright colors he now sees with his glasses. This was one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten for him and worth every penny. Thank you.

My Son & Son's Brother Sees Color

My youngest son has been color blind for all 26-years of his life. His older brother learned about EnChroma glasses and we combined to purchase an indoor pair for the youngest for Christmas. He is wearing them inside and outside.
He saw colors of his socks for the first time and was amazed!
Sitting back and watching, like a Dad, I notice him lifting them from time to time to see "what he used to see." He comments that when he does this everything looks green.
His use of the EnChroma glasses has been every much a gift for all of us as they are for him.
We cannot see through his eyes. We can vicariously enjoy his new found fascination with seeing color.
Thank you.



Cx3 Sun Deutan &
Bright Sun
for 1st pair/
Color Impact
Cx3 Sun SP Strong
Bright Sun
for 1st pair/
Color Impact
Cx1 Indoor Deutan &
Indoor Light Recommended
for 2nd Pair
*Ideal for Mild, Moderate, and Strong Deutans and Mild and Moderate Protans.