Colby (Indoor, Age 10+)

Night Sky
  • Colby is a small sized frame inspired by one of the best selling styles in eyewear. Colby features embedded rubber nose pads and high quality hinges for a secure and comfortable fit. Made from TR-90, a durable and lightweight material. Handcrafted in Italy. Case included. EnChroma® Colby. Color blindness glasses for kids ages 10+ Frame size 53-17-140.
    • PROPRIETARY SPECTRAL LENS TECHNOLOGY FOR COLOR BLINDNESS: Our award-winning glasses are uniquely engineered to improve color vision and deliver a more vibrant spectrum of color.
    • “BEST-IN-CLASS” TRIVEX® LENS MATERIAL: Trivex is an optical-grade resin that delivers a superior combination of lightness, clarity, and impact protection. Trivex exceeds FDA impact resistance standards by more than 50x and is recommended by eye doctors for use in safety glasses and children’s eyewear products.
    • LIGHTWEIGHT, DURABLE FRAME: Perfect for all-day wear, EnChroma classic style frames are made with TR-90, a lightweight, yet sturdy material often used in sportswear and known for retaining its shape. Light frames are particularly important for children given their sensitive skin on their developing nose bridge.
    • 100% UV ABSORBING: Kids generally receive three times the annual sun exposure of adults, and are at risk for developing serious vision damage later in life without regular UV-eye protection (see All EnChroma lenses are 100% UV absorbing.
    • CLARITY-ENHANCING, DUAL SURFACE, ANTI-REFLECTIVE LENSES: EnChroma lenses are anti-reflective on both the concave and convex sides of the lens to maximize clarity and reduce haze. This virtually eliminates lens surface reflections to see the world the way it truly is.
    • ANTI-SCRATCH and EASY TO CLEAN: Advanced oleophobic and hydrophobic lenses repel water, dust, and sweat, making the lens easy to clean and KEEP CLEAN!
    • EXTRAS: Premium case, cleaning cloth and drawstring bag included.
    • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE with every pair.
      No Risk, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. See Return Policy.
      Comprehensive 2-year Warranty included.
      100% Quality Inspection on every pair.
    • FREE 2-DAY SHIPPING in the U.S.; World-wide shipping available.
  • Width: / Measurements:

    What do these numbers mean?
    Lens Width
    Bridge Size
    Temple Length

    Other Details:
    Frame Width
    Lens Height

    - Recommended Pupillary Distance (PD) Range:
    - Progressive/Bifocal:
    - Frame Material:
    - Frame Shape:

    Measurements can also be found on some select frames printed inside the temple arm.

    Prescription Information
    Single Vision - For one field of vision (near, intermediate, distance) or for reading

    Progressive - This frame is not available in progressive.(Varifocal) For seamless transition from reading, distance, and near vision.

    You can email your prescription any time after placing your order. Please include your Pupillary Distance (PD) measurement along with your prescription. We will contact you if we require additional information, and remind you if you forget to submit your prescription.

    We can make almost any Rx, and the same 60-day return guarantee applies.
    This frame is not available in Rx.
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews

    I bought these for my brother as a gift. He said the images are a little more crisp but colors didn't really change. He has had them on for periods of time all week and not happy with them. We will be returning them soon for a refund. He tested before I purchased and it said he was a good candidate. Very sad they didn't work for for him.

    Wendy, we're sorry to hear that your brother's experience wasn't what you both expected. There is a possibility that his glasses may become increasingly more effective with more wear! Unfortunately, there is a population for whom our glasses simply do not work and your brother may fall into that population. We apologize for the sad result, hopefully in the future we will have a solution that works better for him!

    Its been about an hour (sorry i did read instructions and it said 10 but...) and i notice no immediate difference it feels like im just putting on shades indoors

    Hi, Evan! It's possible that you will see more success with more wear! It can take time for the glasses' effect to kick-in as the brain adjusts to the newly altered light signals it is receiving.
    better than original pair

    This is my second purchase after a couple years of owning an inside and outside pair. This new inside pair works significantly better than the original pair, probably because of the higher optical density. I wear these all day long now as my standard glasses, and notice some very enjoyable color perception improvements. Wow!

    Not much of a difference

    Also do not pass Ishihara test

    Hi, Amir. Our glasses are not actually intended to be used to pass the Ishihara test. Passing the test would require a lens that distorts color to reveal what is within the circle. Our glasses are intended to help alleviate color confusion without sacrificing color accuracy.
    Too small glasses and dark for indoor

    I got surprised when I saw the first time this Glasses and it’s really small size. It’s way different than it shows in the picture and its dark for indoor use and not even good for night time. Also it has high reflection on lights.

    We're sorry to hear that your experience with EnChroma glasses wasn't what you hoped. Were you able to wear the glasses for an extended amount of time to allow for your eyes to adjust to the tint? Additionally, our glasses feature an anti-reflective coating that should reduce the amount of reflections from lights that you experience. We're surprised to hear that that was not your experience. If you could, please send us an email at [email protected] with your experience.

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