Do these balloons look similar to you?
If so, you could be color blind.

At EnChroma, we create solutions for color blindness that enable people to live their lives from a richer, more colorful perspective.

Our proprietary EnChroma® Color Vision Test is the #1 online color vision test used by thousands around the world to determine exactly your type and level of color blindness.

Note: Be sure to turn off any screen color filters before taking the test.

Backed by ten years of research, EnChroma's award-winning color blind glasses are engineered with groundbreaking optical lens technology to give people a richer, more colorful perspective. Learn More about how they work.


NOTE: Before taking the test, please turn off all screen filters. This is a screening test and is not to be used with corrective glasses as a eye performance tool. For a complete eye examination, please consult an Authorized EnChroma Eye Care Professional (ECP) or ECP near you.