• A medium sized frame, Bancroft’s rectangular rims are gently rounded for a universally flattering look, with a slightly thicker brow bar to add an extra dash of style. Made from lightweight stainless steel, Bancroft is built to last. Features optical quality spring hinges and silicone nose pads. Case included. EnChroma® Bancroft. Color blindness glasses. Frame size: Medium 54-17-140.
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    What do these numbers mean?
    Lens Width
    Bridge Size
    Temple Length

    Other Details:
    Frame Width
    Lens Height

    - Recommended Pupillary Distance (PD) Range:
    - Progressive/Bifocal:
    - Frame Material:
    - Frame Shape:

    Measurements can also be found on some select frames printed inside the temple arm.

    Prescription Information
    Single Vision - For one field of vision (near, intermediate, distance) or for reading

    Progressive - This frame is not available in progressive.(Varifocal) For seamless transition from reading, distance, and near vision.

    You can email your prescription any time after placing your order. Please include your Pupillary Distance (PD) measurement along with your prescription. We will contact you if we require additional information, and remind you if you forget to submit your prescription.

    We can make almost any Rx, and the same 60-day return guarantee applies.
    This frame is not available in Rx.
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Best day for my Daughter

    My daughter is red-green color blind and she was so excited to get her own enchroma glasses she was talking about it 24/7. When she finaly got it she would not take it off she wants to wear it forever

    One happy 12 year old!

    My son has "strong" colorblindness (based on your tests) and he has been experiencing more difficulties with infomational texts at school. The day he first wore his glasses was the first day he saw the bright pink roses were a different color than the plant's leaves. He kept saying, "Everything is so pretty" - except his new perception of the color yellow. Lol. He is 12 and is actually looking forward to visiting Longwood Gardens because he WANTS to see the flowers in all their glory.

    Shannon, thank you for sharing your son's story! We're so happy to hear that his experience with our glasses has been so positive, it's amazing! :)
    Will make such a difference for him at school!

    Both my sons are colour blind. The glasses didn't work for my oldest but they youngest really struggles with recognising colours and they work great for him. Will make such a difference for him at school! Wish they sold them in UK. Shipping and £80 customs charge is expensive on top of cost of glasses

    very noticeable difference

    I am an Optometrist in Ohio, and I bought Enchroma sunglasses for my colorblind son because he was interested in trying them, and I wanted to see how effective they would be. Initially, he put them on, said that he noticed a difference, but that it wasn't a life-changing difference.

    He is now 16 and is learning how to drive. Because he has 20/20 vision, he had no problems passing the vision test when he obtained his temporary driver's license permit. When I first took him out to begin practicing how to drive, though, he found he was unable to distinguish the green traffic lights from the yellow traffic lights, and during the day he was unable to determine when many of the red traffic lights were lit.

    I told him to put on his Enchroma glasses, and he IMMEDIATELY said he could distinguish the difference between the different traffic light colors. He kept looking over them and then through them, saying it was a very noticeable difference. This made me feel a lot better because he actually could see when the light changed from green to yellow and then to red, and he could see the red stoplights from far away.

    He found the only difficulty with the outdoor Enchroma glasses was that they were too dark during cloudy days, bad weather days, or during night driving. I immediately purchased the indoor Enchroma glasses, and as soon as he put those on he said he could see the traffic lights in those darker conditions.

    I know this is a long review, but I can't stress enough how much this has helped my son be able to drive comfortably. Even though he has 20/20 vision, he will wear Enchroma glasses all the time while he is driving and always have both of them in the car. It really is a life-changing difference.

    As an Optometrist in private practice, I will be sure to let all of my patients know how valuable the Enchroma glasses can be.

    The best Christmas gift

    My dad can officially see color. The best Christmas gift this year was the ability to allow my dad to see color for the first time. There are few pictures of my dad smiling with this much delight. Love you dad! Thanks EnChroma for this incredible ability!

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