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Blog Post

Your glasses left me speechless.

Thank you EnChroma,

I ordered your glasses after reading so much good about them in
Reddit. I received them about two weeks ago after waiting 10 days
impatiently and I immediately took them for a walk. I put the glasses
on and started walking. At first I didn’t notice anything different
from my normal world and even though I knew that it might take a while
for them to work, I was a little disappointed. I was afraid that my
CVD was too strong to be helped. I walked with my girlfriend to a park
nearby. There were ducks swimming in a small pond and we stopped there
to watch them. Suddenly a golden green light reflected in the head of
a duck. Was I really seeing that? I asked my girlfriend to
confirm if it was real since I had never seen such a thing. I never
knew. After that I started to see vivid greens in the trees and purple
graffitis in the trash cans. The glasses were working. I was seriously

I’ll repeat the words that many others have already said: Being able
to see the world with all the reds and greens that I have been missing
is totally out of this world. Even though I have a mild protanomaly,
the difference is just mind blowing. I had no idea how much I am
missing. No more white traffic lights (now green), no more
greyish-greenish motorway signs (now crazy greens), no more “blurple”
objects (now blues and purples). There are way too many surprisingly
wonderful colorful things to mention. I have been wearing them all the
time when I’m outside and sometimes at home too. The only minus is
that the Cx-14 doesn’t work that well indoors. You can bet I am
excited about your new indoor glasses – I wish I had the money to buy
them too, or at least an opportunity to try them.

Actually, I am so satisfied and convinced of your product, that I will
definitely spread the word. I live in Finland and if I’ve understood
correctly, you don’t have a retailer here yet. If there is a way I can
help you to help people with CVD, let me know. I have some know-how in
business also. Now that the spring is coming, it would be awesome to
bring some color for the colorblind people in my country.


Oskari T. BBA (accounting and finance) and economics student
Vantaa, Finland