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A HUGE positive effect.

“They have had a HUGE positive effect on my son Jason, who is 12, is a strong protanope by your tests. We’ve known about this for a long time – he sees roses as black, for example. He’s been in denial about it, though – he’ll say “I think it’s getting better; I can tell some more colors apart.” That is, until we read the article this summer about your glasses in the NYT. Even reading the article changed the way he looked at his color blindness. I think knowing that a successful person had the same condition as him and that there was at least a partial cure made him more OK with being color blind. He would talk more openly about what he can and can’t see and it did not seem to upset him nearly as much as before. When he tried the glasses, he could really see a difference and he liked it – we’d look at trees and flowers and he saw more colors.” – Brian W.