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Lens Technical Data

EnChroma Plano Lens Blank Specifications

Schematic Diagram
Base Curve 6.0
Diameter 65mm
Thickness 1.3mm
Refractive Index 1.55
Weight 11.3g (MAX)
Material Chemically strengthened glass
Appearance Blue flash mirror
Luminous Transmission 10% (Category 4)
UV Transmission 280nm-400nm < 0.1% (UV400)


The coatings are extremely robust: they are harder than glass and demonstrate superior scratch resistance.

All lenses are individually tested for impact resistance using the standard drop-ball test (5/8ths inch steel ball, 50 inch drop)

The lens is compatible with any metal eye-wire or plastic frame meeting the required base curve and diameter specifications. Rimless, semi-rimless and sheet-metal frames are not compatible. Currently for technical reasons the lens is only available in frames provided by EnChroma.

The lens is currently only available in plano power. To be notified when the Rx-version is available, please subscribe to our email list.

The EnChroma lens includes all necessary functional coatings for optimum performance. It cannot be combined with additional coatings, as these would compromise the function. The coatings can only be applied to the glass substrate provided by EnChroma: other substrates are not compatible with the coatings.

Specifiations given here are valid as of January 1, 2013. Specifications are subject to change.