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EnChroma UV450

Superior Protection. Superior Perception.

Made with Digital Color Boost™
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What is it: The EnChroma UV450 is a sunglass lens with superior UV and HEV light protection. It’s made with EnChroma’s proprietary Digital Color Boostâ„¢.

How it works: The lens blocks 100% of UV light and 98% of damaging HEV light–exceeding the standard UV400 protection to an unprecedented UV450. Simultaneously the Digital Color Boostâ„¢ coating technology filters out wavelengths of light between the primary colors. This causes color vision to be “boosted”.

What it does for you: The extra-dark Category 4 lens provides excellent sun protection to the eyes and skin, yet the lens does not seem dark like an ordinary sunglass. Instead, colors are amazingly bright and vibrant–rewarding you for wearing sunglasses and taking care of your eyes. You’ve never seen the world like this before.

The color enhancement provided by this lens far exceeds that of polarization or any other lens technology.

Fact: 1 in 5 people over age 40 are developing cataracts. Women are 40% more likely to develop cataracts. Eye care professionals recommend wearing sunglasses as often as possible. Damage to the eye caused by the sun is cumulative over your lifetime, just like with the skin.

Choose Your Frame

Lifestyle Frames:

Recommended for: Driving, walking, BBQing, and more.

Wrap-around Frames:

Recommended for: Running, biking, all-around performance.

Wrap-around coverage adds wind protection and extra sun protection in the peripheral vision.


Wear this “fit-over” on top of your prescription glasses.