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Oakley Frames with Enchroma Lenses

Many Oakley frames are acceptable for Fit to Your Frames orders, but not all are compatible with Enchroma lenses. To find out which Oakley frames will work our lenses, use the guidelines below. New Oakley frames might not be listed yet.

Note: Enchroma is not affiliated with Oakley. The insertion of Enchroma lenses or any other non-Oakley lenses into any Oakley eyewear will void the Oakley warranty.

Popular Compatible Oakley Frames

  • Crankshaft (Lifestyle)
  • Straight Jacket (Active, Lifestyle) 

Men's Compatible Oakley Frames

  • Airdrop (Lifestyle)
  • Badman (Prizm Daily, Wire Frame) 
  • Ballistic (Prizm Shooting) 
  • Bucket (Lifestyle)
  • Chainlink (Active, Prizm Daily, Sport)
  • Chamfer (Lifestyle)
  • Chamfer 2 (Lifestyle)
  • Conductor 6 (Wire Frame)
  • Conductor 8 (Wire Frame) 
  • Crankshaft (Lifestyle)
  • Crosshair (Active, Wire Frame) 
  • Crosslink (Lifestyle)
  • Currency (Lifestyle)
  • Enduro (Lifestyle)
  • Fenceline (Lifestyle)
  • Fives Squared (Lifestyle) 
  • Frogskins (Lifestyle)
  • Fuel Cell (Lifestyle)
  • Garage Rock (Lifestyle)
  • Gascan (Lifestyle)
  • Grounded (Lifestyle)
  • Hijinx (Lifestyle)
  • Holbrook (Lifestyle, Prizm Daily)
  • Jupiter Squared (Lifestyle)
  • Marshal (Lifestyle)
  • Milestone (Lifestyle)
  • Pitchman (Lifestyle)
  • Plank (Lifestyle)
  • Sliver (Prizm Daily, Lifestyle)
  • Splinter (Lifestyle)
  • Square Wire (Prizm Daily, Wire Frame) 
  • Straight Jacket (Active, Lifestyle) 
  • Taper (Active, Wire Frame) 
  • Tailspin (Lifestyle)
  • Tincan (Wire Frame)
  • Tinfoil (Prizm Daily, Wire Frame)
  • Trailmix (Lifestyle)
  • Triggerman (Lifestyle) 
  • Twoface (Lifestyle, Prizm Daily)
  • Valve (Active, Lifestyle, Prizm Water) 
  • Voltage (Lifestyle)
  • Whisker (Wire Frame) 

Women's Compatible Oakley Frames

  • Active (all except Breakup, Collected, Distress, and similar shield lenses)
  • Aviator (all)
  • Lifestyle (all except Collected, Dart, and similar shield lenses)

Men's Incompatible Oakley Frames

  • Goggles (all)
  • Carbon Shift (all)
  • Rimless or semi-rimless (all)
  • Prizm Baseball (all)
  • Prizm Golf (all)
  • Prizm Road (all)
  • Prizm Trail (all)
  • Prizm Water (all except Valve)
  • Sport (all except Chainlink)
  • Tailpin
  • Prizm Daily: Carbon Blade, Madman, Tailend, Tailhook, Turbine
  • Prizm Shooting: Radar, Flak Jacket
  • Active: Halflink, Turbine
  • Lifestyle: Batwolf, Offshoot, Oilrig, Turbine
  • Wire Frame: Carbon Blade, Madman, Tailend, Tailhook, Wiretap
  • M Frame 2.0

Women's Incompatible Oakley Frames

  • Goggles (all)
  • Carbon Shift (all)
  • Sport (all)
  • Rimless or semi-rimless (all)
  • Lifestyle and Active: Collected, Dart, Distress
  • M Frame 2.0

Frame Restrictions

  • We don’t accept rimless or semi-rimless frames or frames that require complex lens shapes or shapes with notches, cutouts, shields, or goggles.
  • Sports frames must be prescription-compatible, even if you aren’t ordering a prescription.
  • Wrap-around frames cannot accept standard single vision prescriptions. Instead, select Rx (Free-form Single Vision), Rx (Blended Bifocal), or Rx (Progressive).

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