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The Enchroma Frameri Selection

Enchroma lenses are now available in high-quality, stylish, made-in-Italy Frameri frames that allow wearers to easily swap lenses in and out of any frame in the same Frameri collection. Frameri frames are unique because they are designed with materials that are more flexible and durable than traditional frames. Frameri gives you the freedom to switch between another set of Enchroma lenses or between Frameri frames — as often as you like. For instance, you can simply insert our indoor lenses into a Frameri frame to do color-sensitive design tasks at your computer, and then swap them for our sunglasses lenses to go outside to take a walk in the park.

Made to Change

Enchroma lenses and Frameri frames are interchangeable.

Simply pop your Enchroma lenses out of a Frameri frame
…and pop another set of lenses in.

You can change between Enchroma lenses without buying more frames
or change between frames without buying more lenses.

It’s that easy.

Playing With Color

Launched in 2014, Frameri provides customers with interchangeable, boutique-quality frames and lenses.

Due to their modular design, these stylish and durable glasses allow you to tailor your eyeglasses and sunglasses to your personal style and needs by seamlessly switching between both frame styles and lenses.

The Enchroma Frameri selection has more than 50 possible eyewear options from both the Tidal and Aerial collections …

… and enough colors to ultimately create hundreds of new looks.

See Different

You can purchase Enchroma lenses cut to fit either the
Frameri Magellan (Tidal collection) or Wright (Aerial collection) for $325.
Frame not included.

Enchroma Frameri eyewear combinations start at $425
for a single frame with one set of lenses.

Add your second set of lenses for $250 and your third set for $200 more.
Prescription lenses are an additional $150 each.

Want another frame?
You can add a frame to any combination for only $99.

Man wearing Frameri frames.