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Customer Testimonials

“First, thank you. My world did not have pink in it until my birthday party on September 17th of this year. Also, it turns out I really love bright reds. I guess you probably get this all the time, but your glasses have changed my entire perception of the world around me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Second, my friends shot a video of me putting on the glasses. They knew that for quite a while I had been watching the videos online, hoping that one day I would be able to make my own. Unbeknownst to me, my partner, four friends, and entire family conspired to get me the glasses and make this video for me.

When I would go caving in college, people would point out how it felt to have an absence of color. Nothing underground is anything other than a shade or comb…
The glasses were a complete surprise and my friends even made me close my eyes as they put them on my face. I had no idea what to expect, so it was quite a shock to open my eyes to a different colored world. Then on top of that my friend Chris, who was the ring leader of the effort, also edited the video and made it really touching. He’s in the video in the red plaid shirt he wore just so I would have red to look at.

I just wanted to pass the video along to you. I hope you enjoy it and maybe show it off if you have a place for it on your YouTube feed. I want every other colorblind person to see this video as I had seen so many others.

I have had the glasses over a month now and am still amazed at how much color I have missed my entire life. You really are changing lives in an indescribable way.”

– Jeremy R.

“Our family went together and got my husband Enchroma glasses last Christmas. He was, of course, awestruck, teary eyed and speechless as most of your customers are I’m sure. I am writing to tell you of another unexpected and wonderful benefit that I’ve never heard about before in any of your testimonials.
The other morning he said he’d had the strangest dream. He’d dreamed about the changing autumn leaves. For the first time in his 60 years – in color! So not only have the glasses added color to his days, they’ve also added color to his dreams!
Thank you so much for developing these glasses. He so enjoys the beautiful flowers and the fall leaves. And one day we hope to bless our 3 color deficient grandsons with a pair of Enchroma glasses so they can see what their grandpa sees. Thank You!”

– Rebecca R.

“I got my glasses yesterday and they work! I never knew the grass was so green, I never knew orange had so much red in it, I never knew the green stop light was actually green and not white, and I never knew that the reason my Fiance loved pink so much is because it is so vibrant! As soon as I find my frames in the indoor version I am buying them so I can enjoy color 24/7. Everyone needs to know about Enchroma! These glass need to be in every eye specialists office and everyone with red green colorblindness needs a pair! Thank you so much Enchroma!!!!”

– Jason B.

“Thank you so much for your amazing product. They have changed my nephew’s life. You have changed the human experience.”

– Daniel M.

“Awesome! I purchased the indoor glasses & have been wearing them now for a couple of days.  They are amazing! I am in my mid 50s and have mild color blindness – your glasses have opened me up to colors I have never seen before. I will be ordering the fit to frame for my Persols next. God bless you and your work – thanks!”

– Jake L.

“Just had to stop by and say thank you for everything you have done to assist the colorblind in seeing true color. It’s always inspiring and heartwarming to see the change your product has on their lives.
Keep it up, and thank you so much for your product.”

– Brandon S.

“Skylar received his glasses yesterday. I wish you could have seen his expressions as he looked around the world outside and saw true fall colors for the first time. I got choked up and am getting a little choked up simply telling you about it. He described it as a dull world coming to life with everything seeming more vibrant in general.

Skylar has a new sense of excitement about art school and is now truly looking forward to Color Theory.

Thank you and Enchroma for such a cool product. Yes, we’re big fans!”

– Don J.

“Just wanted to share with you Alex’s response to the glasses this morning.  He woke me up sobbing.  “Mom I can see!!!!  Everything looks so different.  The sky is so pretty, my car is beautiful our house is full of color!!!’  He then went outside in his pajamas and robe and examined everything up close.  Our  neighbor came out and asked if he was ok and Alex explained to him that he was seeing color for the first time!  Thank you so much for the glasses, you have changed his world”

– Mark E.

“We could not have asked for more from his glasses. It has been life changing and he wears them any time that he can when he’s outside. He sees new things all of the time. He has touched many others with his video and some have already been on the site!

From a safety perspective, we feel so much better about him learning to drive! He is behind on getting his license. He has struggled learning certain arrows and blinking lights at intersections. Now he knows if it’s a red blinking or a yellow blinking, and road signs are so much brighter as they should be. That is a true blessing!

He’s also learning new colors like orange, pink, and teal. We are looking forward to Spring and Fall experiences with these and hope that one day we are able to get indoor glasses.

Thank you for enabling him and others to live a more fulfilling life!”

– Kerry M.

“Thank you, so much, for creating this amazing… gift for my husband who is red/green colourblind. Or was!

I always felt sad when I thought he could never appreciate all the colours of the rainbow, or look at a sunset and see the orange and pink glow, it was my dream to one day give him the gift of colour vision – I did say to him all those years ago that technology should surely produce something of the sort one day! And you guys have done it!!!

I had hoped for the glasses to come by wedding day but I was too late in ordering them. It came during my honeymoon and I went to go pick it up from UPS warehouse when I got back. I was so excited, the glasses were going to be my husband’s Christmas present!

We filled the house with colours and on the Christmas morning, James went outside and put them on, looking out to the opposite block of flats with red and brown bricks. He couldn’t believe they were actually red and brown – he could see far away red sign posts and the grass below our flat looked amazingly green.

Then I showed him my red gochugang (it’s a korean chilly paste) box that was just sat outside the balcony as the fridge was full of christmas food, and he picked it up and started weeping! He couldn’t believe it looked this red!

It was such an emotional day, the best Christmas we ever had.

Enchroma, you have given the most precious gift of colour to my husband James… I am very grateful and I hope all your staff had an amazing Christmas, for you are truly making a difference to people’s lives.

I can’t wait to tell my other colourblind friends about Enchroma!

Happy New Year, please keep up the good work!”

– Maria M.

“Wow got a pair of #enchroma glasses, put them on in a sunny garden. It was like enabling the missing shaders that makes a game look great.”

– Tweet from @jonkagstrom

“Thanks for helping my little man to see colors!”

-Nicole B.

“The world will never be the same again 🙂 Thank you @enchroma for this magical moment”

-Alemida P.

“Thank you so much! My son loves his glasses! His reaction to seeing colors (he is severely colorblind) was wonderful. Tears rolled when he was alone, stopped at a red light, and the light turned green. He called his wife and exclaimed, “The green light is actually GREEN! I always thought it was white!”.
Thanks and good luck with your company. You are making a difference in people’s quality of life that, to us, is immeasurable.”

-Stephany H.

“I bought these glasses for my 60 year old, colorblind father as a surprise. We both have a deep love for cool glasses, so when he first opened the box, he thought they were trendy sunglasses. (I didn’t want to film his reaction, as I thought it was something very personal and intimate for him) When he first put the glasses on, he was confused, and he got very quiet. Then he said, “there’s so much color!” He wanted to talk about all the colors he could see, and the slight differences between colors that he had never known before (keeping in mind that he was also an art major in college). He hugged me probably 4 times. This was very emotional for the both of us, and I wanted to thank your company deeply and sincerely for what you have done for him.”

-Carolyn N.

“My Dad is entranced by trees and people’s skin colour, he’s going out to the local woodland with friends today.
It’s amazing, a 70 year old hard as nails ex car mechanic is all childlike. It’s been emotional.”

-Julie C.

“I do want to share about my older son’s experience. I had no way to video it and actually that worked out fine. He was aware of glasses for color blind people so when I told him what I had he was very anxious to try them. At 35, he is a fairly calm person so I had no idea what his reaction would be. I wanted to take him some place colorful for the first time trying them but he picked a park in Clinton, Iowa that is his favorite place to go. At this time of year it is mostly different shades of green. He immediately saw a difference in his surroundings but his reaction was very low key. I saw quiet tears as he looked at colors for the first time. He commented on how everything was so much brighter, including the sky which he described as usually being kind of gray. He couldn’t believe how blue it was. We decided to go for a drive and that’s when the reactions started. He said he could see much better when he was driving than usual, things were standing out more. We came upon one of those blue road signs and he said it looked like neon it was so bright. But the best part was when we got caught at a stop light. We were just talking and waiting and then the light turned green. He let out a holler that scared me half to death. I had no idea what he was reacting to. That’s when he said this was the first time he had ever seen a green light be actually green and that he had always wondered why people would say “the light won’t get any greener”, because it had always been white to him. As we drove and talked more, he began to open up about what he had always seen and now he could describe it because he was seeing things the way they should be. For the first time. We spent the day driving around with him looking at the world in a whole new way. It was the best day ever for both of us.

I want you to know how very grateful I am. Not only that these glasses were developed, but that I was able to give my son a world of color that up until now he has not seen. That has to be one of the greatest gifts I will ever be able to give him. He said he wears them everyday as much as he can and continues to thank me (though I did not do it for any thanks). I’m sure you have heard this many times, but you have changed his life.”

-Debra C.

“Just wanted to say how wonderful your glasses have been for our 17 year old son. His friends clubbed together to give them him for his birthday & the results were amazing! We have him on video later in the day of his first ever glimpse of the colour pink, how everyone else would see it. It is very touching to watch. This is a part of the message he wrote to his friends that we would like to share. “I cannot begin to describe how thankful I am for these glasses, they are honestly the greatest gift I have ever, ever received. Before Friday, I wasn’t able to see any purples, browns or pinks but after a few hours with these absolutely life changing glasses I was able to see all of them (starting with pink!). I just want to sincerely thank everyone of my friends for giving me the gift of sight, due to my type of colourblindness, everything I see without the glasses is darker than how you would see it, so you guys are literally the light of my life!”

-Lynn R.

“I just wanted to say what a success your glasses have been for my strong protan son. First time he tried them on at night under a strong outdoor light. He didn’t cry but he was speechless. He never realised the paving was two tone. Naturally during the day he was blown away. I was prepared for it to take a little while to adjust to see colour, but instead I was amazed how it was instantaneous for him. Thank you. I am sure all the drivers of Sydney Australia thank you too, he can now see the green light & not assume the sunlight reflecting off it means it’s on.”

-Nikki M.

“I am reading this while wearing my Enchroma Receptor Cx-65 (wraparounds). The lighter Indoor/Computer shades are not as ‘3D’ as the original -darker- Cx-25 Outdoor pair I have, but they’re great for everyday life in the house and the office. Between the two pairs, I always have them on. I think if I wore them to sleep, even my dreams would be more colorful.”

-Lee T.

“We received our order shipped to Newcastle upon Tyne, in the UK with no problems, and I would just like to thank you so much, they were for my son who was totally colour blind and as he is also a professional golfer you can imagine the problems caused by being colour blind, how much these glasses have improved his whole quality of life is beyond believe. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

-Ron L.

“I got my glasses last evening and was really bummed because it was after dark THEN…I turned on the TV and was “”BLOWN AWAY!” WOW! I was like a little kid changing stations and yelling out colors. I am seeing things I haven’t seen in 63 years! I am a believer!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH.”

-Ken K.

“I just got yesterday your glasses. All in 36hours from order to my house (I live in italy). Your Service was excellent and your product made possible to make a miracle! You are awesome!”

-Ilaria R.

“This has been such an incredible two weeks thanks to you! I can’t believe what I’ve been missing all these years.”

-Jim W.

“It’s fantastic. My son John 11 years old has tried the glasses as soon as they arrived and said ” whaou. ” I’m so happy for him to be able to see the beautiful colors of life. I want to show him a rainbow. Thank you so much for selling this technology!”

-Veronique C.

“Background: I’m a 30 year old guy who lives alone with a chihuahua in an apartment in a metro city. I’ve known to be deutan color blind since my 4th grade. I’ve wanted to visually see what others experience every day. My color blindness has never really bothered me – in fact, I never thought about it until a couple years back. An ex was an artist and would draw and paint me pictures and describe certain colors to me that I had trouble comprehending. He tried his hardest to paint what I could and couldn’t see. It really burdened me that I could not see what he and everyone could see. So, that fact has stayed with me until recently. I finally saved up the money to purchase a refurbished pair and immediately had it shipped next day shipping. Today, I received the package and opened it up. What the package entailed was overwhelming. Extremely overwhelming. My heart has been racing since and, with my shaking body, I finally got to the glasses after reviewing everything else inside. I tried them on and looked out a window. It took a couple minutes for my eyes to adjust but what I saw was something beautiful. These glasses are godsent. I can’t even describe it in detail. I only had them on for a couple minutes but I’d like to share my full-on experience later. I texted my sister and she is going to come visit me after work. Maybe I’ll take a reaction video or something. I want to share my experience.”

-Lewis S.

“To start off; I am a 27 year old Male and have Deuteranomaly, which I did not know the majority of my life. When I was a kid, I always wondered why I couldn’t see any Images in the Autostereogram books everyone would be talking about in Elementary school and Middle school, it all makes sense now though.
I do not own your product as my girlfriend continuously tells me that I can not afford it as it won’t change my way of life as I’m already used to what I see. However, I was lucky enough to try it at a Farmer’s Market in Bridgeport Connecticut (someone there had a pair and heard I was color blind).
I want to say that my mind was absolutely blown away. I saw a red brick building as vibrant RED for the first time ever, normally they are a mundane brownish red to my eyes.
I saw that not all sunflowers are bright yellow, some of the sunflowers at this market had an interesting rust orange hue to them that I had never seen before. I also saw flowers that were an orange hue, next to yellow flowers, that I had always thought were the exact same color yellow!
On top of that, I was actually able to differentiate with light fall colors, seeing leaves at the beginning stages of their color changes! I normally see them once they turn yellow or red and fall of the tree.
It’s absolutely amazing that I have lived in the North Eastern states my entire life and yet have never been able to see these colors and the beauty of spring colors and fall colors!
Thank you so much for making a product that was able to give me even just a brief few moments of seeing colors I’ve never been able to see before!”

-Andrew N.

“Thank you to Enchroma for the amazing glasses for my 7 yo. They broke at the end of the school year and you were able to fix them. You didn’t just send us back a solid pair of glasses, but you included a pack of colorful balloons and some extra Enchroma swag! You made my boy a very happy guy…just in time for school to start!”

-Libby T.

“I got a pair for both inside/outside and put them inside and was expecting more. When I went outside WOW! I had the best ride to and from work. The road signs, grass, trees, lights were so colorful!“

-Matthew K.

“There aren’t words to express how happy I am. There’s soooooooo many colors!”

-Patrick G.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MY GLASSES!! I got them yesterday in the mail but had to wait to try them on with my friend who helped buy them for me. I tried to lower my expectations just in case they didn’t work but I was so excited.
So anyway today, me, my friend, and my mom went to the park near my house. I was super scared to try them on but….the second I did, I started crying. Everything I looked at was/is so beautiful and for the hours afterward I was just looking at everything and marveling at how wonderful everything looked. I was amazed by traffic lights, stop signs, and sooooo many flowers. I had always thought that all leaves were one shade of green and now I know that there are tons of shades of red, green, brown, blue, and even orange and yellow! I really never knew how much I was missing until I put them on. Thank you so much, the work that you guys do is absolutely incredible. Worth every penny!”

-Colette S.

“I just wanted to say thank you!!
The first day I got the glasses at work, I walked home with them, a trip that normally takes me 20 minutes, now takes over 2 hours. I Stopped at every graffiti-art, every lawn, every flower, every house with bright colors…street signs…peoples clothing…I just did not know what I have missed all these years.
My friends and family do not get what all the fuss is about…’it’s just colors’ they say…but it’s more than that. I just don’t have the vocabulary to explain it to them.
So, again…thank you!”

-Kent B.

“Thank you very much. The sunglasses were the best investment I’ve ever made!
Best. Investment. Ever”

-Taryn C.

“I first saw your glasses last year, I believe. It was very intriguing because one of our sons is colorblind. But the pricetag and the fear of an internet/mail-order scam kept me in check.  This year, as Jordan’s birthday drew near, I began to wonder aloud to the family whether this might be something to try.  I love color and it breaks my heart that he can’t fully share in it.  Even one of the grandsons commented that, when uncle Jordy gets to Heaven he’ll be able to see color.

After watching SEVERAL YouTube videos (without his knowledge) we all decided to chip in and risk it. We are so glad we did. He couldn’t even grasp what he was seeing at first. I (emotional mama) was filming and many times you can hear my voice strain as I fought back tears when our son finally sees things (presumably) as we do.

Thanks to all y’all for using your God given talents and learned skills to enhance the life of our son and so many others. If be interested to hear of applications other than just enjoyment that y’all have come across.

God bless y’all in ways you never even thought to ask.”

-Julianne and Erich W.

“I just wanted to thank you and the entire team involved in the creation of my father’s glasses. They arrived just in time and I was able to be there when he tried them on for the first time. He was stunned! completely speechless for the first 30 seconds. I never thought he’d live to see the green of the trees and grass, a red car, a full rainbow. My mother told me he didn’t want to take off his Enchromas all weekend and that he couldn’t help but stop and marvel at the myriad of colors he now has the ability to see. I cannot express how grateful we are. Truly, we feel so fortunate. Please pass along my gratitude to everyone at Enchroma and feel free to use this testimonial in any way should it benefit the company.

Again, thank you so much for overseeing this process. It was worth every single penny.
Seriously the best gift anyone could give a loved one.”

-Maki T.

“We just got the glasses and oh my gosh – I think my son’s life has been changed forever. THANK YOU!!!!

He said he can’t believe what flowers actually look like and how blue the sky is now.”

-Jennifer B.

“I received the glasses two hours ago and just got back from driving around.  I am looking through new eyes!!  These glasses are unreal!  I would like to thank everyone who is a part of the Enchroma team.  I will let my neighbor know as he is red/green color blind as well. I am 41 and see the colors of the world and the color of my wife and childrens eyes.  Thank you.

Keep up the good work people!”

-Brad A.

Woohoo! She can see red! Woohoo! Many thanks!!

-Sarah K.

“We received sunglasses today. Thank you so much. My son wore them for 15minutes today. First thing he said as soon as he put it on was ‘wooooow!!’ Then I knew he is seeing all the colors the way I see!!! Thank you so much for this amazing glasses.”

-Cathy H.

“Had a very emotional day yesterday when my adult son could see the world in all it’s colour for the very first time. I bought him a pair of colour blind glasses from an American firm called Enchroma which arrived yesterday. They’re not cheap and with the customs included they were around £400 but well worth it. He’s been almost totally colour blind since birth and to see him walk down the street with me and see the beautiful colours all around him brought not only a tear to his eye but to mine also. He was even amazed at the colour of my skin which has a little bit of a tan to it, he said I looked luminous ha ha ha. Anyway, great news for all those people who are colour blind, instead of seeing the world as flat and dullish he can now see colour in all it’s glory.”

Margarita R.

“I want to thank Enchroma for changing my life! With the use of these glasses, Enchroma has allowed me the ability to see color the it is meant to be seen for the first time in almost 40 years. As an artist, it has been extremely challenging to paint while being colorblind. These glasses have granted me access to an entire new world, in which color and depth perception are now clearly defined. Objects no longer appear flat, drab & bland. I can not thank your company enough for making this technology available and affordable!”

Matthew L.

“I can’t wait to give the sunglasses to my boyfriend tomorrow for his birthday! I always describe the variations of color in our beautiful Coastal North Carolina sunrises and sunsets. But this weekend I’ll have the pleasure of asking Jeff to describe what he sees to me. Thank you so much!”

Amy S.