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Clorox+EnChroma Children’s Eyewear Giveaway

Clorox 2 generously presented EnChroma with a $10,000 gift to purchase and distribute EnChroma glasses to color blind schoolchildren. We matched Clorox’s gift so that together we were able to distribute $20,000 worth of children’s glasses.

The Future Looks Bright

EnChroma color vision correction lenses are an invention of the 21st century, so for our Clorox giveaway we asked this century’s first generation — kids ages 5 to 14 — to share their ideas for the next terrific invention. We received almost 200 entries from children with color vision deficiencies. The results were amazing.

Their inventions, both practical and impractical, made us think and laugh. Their videos gave us a glimpse of a future that’s imaginative, thoughtful, and most of all, fun. One thing is certain. The future looks bright.

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What is color blindness?

We put together a series of informative videos from youtube: learn more about what its like to be color blind and what causes it!