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Online Customer Support Specialist

Join the EnChroma Customer Service team! Customer Service Specialists have broad-reaching responsibilities in the company and must have excellent “people skills” as the job requires them to navigate a diverse range of interpersonal interactions. EnChroma receives a constant stream of general inquiries from customers, retailers, distributors and media via phone, email, Facebook and Twitter. The incoming questions are often complex and require an understanding in the use of eyewear for visual assistance as well as specific needs of color vision deficiency in a wide variety of situations. Our specialists also investigate and resolve any customer issues, administer customer returns, exchanges and special orders. Some public contact also occurs face-to-face via in-office appointments and/or at out-of-office public outreach events.

Primary Duties

  • Answering phone and email questions about our products.
  • Using multiple software systems to process customer orders from start to finish.
  • Participating in occasional public outreach events and other face-to-face customer interactions. (These are optional but can be super fun yet kind of exhausting at the same time.)


  • Excellent English writing skills.
  • Typing speed of about 40 wpm or better.
  • Software experience including or similar to Google Drive, Gmail, CRM software, Word, Excel, WordPress. (You don’t need all of these but the more the better.)
  • Basic knowledge of how to use social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube).
  • Ability to pass background check.
  • Ability to pass a brief and not-too-stressful writing test we’ll send you.


Zen master: Ability to stay serene during escalating customer support incidents.
Congeniality award winner: Great at working relationships, enjoys good wholesome fun.
Mastermind: Good memory for details and ability to carry out tasks accurately, precisely, and methodically.
Detective: Ability to investigate and solve order snafus.
Nerd: Strong focus on assigned tasks and commitment to task completion.
Egghead: Thinks it’s fun to learn about vision, color vision, and wavelengths.

Bonus Skills

  • Experience in the optical products industry or any medical products industry.
  • Opticians license or interested in studying to pass the test. (Just one book, it isn’t hard.)
  • Competency with writing in a second language, especially Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, or Mandarin.


Pay rate $18/hr. Opportunities for advancement.
We’re a small startup, so we offer no medical benefits yet.
After your first month, you can telecommute one day a week if you like.
30 or 30+ hours per week, Mon-Fri. (You can schedule hours anytime between 8 am – 8pm but you need to work the same schedule of at least 30 hours per week. Any hours over that, you can schedule as you like.)
Weekend and telecommute overtime hours are available. (Time and a half pay for any hours over 40 per week.)
Dress code: casual.
Scent-free office: We ship medical devices so we need to avoid perfumes and tobacco scents.

If interested please email your resume, cover letter, and salary history to [email protected] and let’s get started.