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Thank you for placing ​a Fit to Your Frames order with {site_title}. The next step is to mail us your frames.

To mail your frames to {site_title}:

    1. Make sure your frames meet all our frame requirements. We accept most full-rim frames made from metal or plastic materials.
      • Frames must be Rx-able, even if you’re ordering {site_title} lenses without a prescription. Rx-able frames (also called Rx capable) are frames that are designed for use with prescription lenses.
      • Frames must be less than one year old and in good condition. Damaged or deteriorating frames are not accepted.
      • Sport “wrap-around” frames cannot accept standard single vision prescriptions. Instead, select Rx (Free-form Single Vision), Rx (Blended Bifocal), or Rx (Progressive).
      • If you want to use Oakley frames, please make sure they’re on our list of compatible Oakley frame styles.

      We can’t accept:

      • Rimless, drilled rimless (also called “drill mount”) or notch mount frames.
      • Semi-rimless or nylon mount frames.
      • Metal groove frames.
      • 3D printed frames, horn frames, or frames made from other unusual or delicate materials.
      • Frames that require complex lens shapes, shapes with notches, cutouts, shields, or goggles.

      Note: We cannot guarantee that your frames will be compatible with our lenses or manufacturing processes. {site_title} reserves the right to refuse customer-provided frames. Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping back incompatible frames.


    1. For prescription lenses, include your prescription. Your prescription must be written for the specific frame you provide. Make sure the prescription contains:
      • Prescription information for both your right and left eye.
      • PD (Pupillary Distance) number. Pupillary Distance is the distance between your pupils.
      • Segment height (seg height) number (required only for Fit to Frames orders of progressive or blended bifocal lenses).

      For more details, see Prescription Information.


  1. Ship your frames to:
    {site_title} Fit to Frames
    Order {order_number}
    2629 Seventh Street
    Berkeley, CA 94710
    United States

    • Mail your frames to us with the original lenses intact. We’ll return your original lenses with your order.
      Note: There is a slight risk of damage to the lenses during the removal process. Damaged lenses are not returned.
    • Do not include the case for your frames. Instead, enclose your frames in disposable protective packaging such as bubble wrap. {site_title} is not responsible for lost cases.
    • Include a printed copy of your order confirmation and any special instructions.
    • Insure your frames for their correct replacement value and require a signature for delivery. {site_title} is not responsible for damage or loss of frames during transit to us.

After we receive your frames, we’ll manufacture and ship your glasses. Most orders ship in about 2-4 weeks.

Note: We process all orders with precision and care, but {site_title} is not liable for any damage that might occur to customer-provided frames or lenses during the removal of your lenses and insertion of ours. If your frame is damaged during this process, {site_title} will refund you the cost of your frame up to a maximum of $200. If you supply new frames to replace the damaged ones, {site_title} will fit them with the lenses you originally ordered.

Thank you for your order. Please let us know if you have any questions.