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Monthly Archives: June 2014

The world is much more vibrant than I had previously known.

I received my enchroma CX glasses yesterday.

I have severe red-green colorblindness; always have. I didn’t really know that I was color blind until I failed, in a big way, the colorblindness test to join the military so that I could apply to flight school. This was the dot test that you have to identify the numbers hidden in the dots. Most people can see these numbers, not me. I hardly saw but one or two. Most folks can see ten or more in this test. So, no flight school and I took a different path.

Since that time I’ve taken the dot number test many times and failed it every time. So, I’m colorblind in a big way but I never really understood what that meant. I do now.

My wife got me the CX glasses for my supposed 50th birthday recently, though everybody knows I’m really 34. I was skeptical that I could see colors in the way that others do, and concerned about the cost. Not anymore.

Yesterday I saw the color purple for the first time. I saw orange, and reds, and pinks that I didn’t know existed. I never understood “purple” until yesterday. The concept of “purple” was completely foreign.