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Monthly Archives: March 2014

First Time Seeing Color? Send us your EnChroma Videos!

This is an official request for videos of anyone wearing EnChroma glasses that wants to tell us what you see. It can be your first time or your 20th time; just let us know what is different about wearing EnChroma glasses. Send your videos to [email protected].

Our first submission is of Owen B. The first sunny day after they received the glasses his mother and father pulled him out of class for an “Optometry” appointment and took him to the botanical gardens. “We told him we were going to the botanical domes and he thought that was his surprise. One thing I did not get on video is the way he choked up when he saw the birds of paradise. He always had liked orange but when he saw the orange of the bird flowers through the glasses he couldn’t believe how beautiful they were.” – Amy D.

Observations after four days of driving while wearing Enchroma glasses

Dense depths of shading
Distinguish dimensions of reds
Hidden before in greens and yellows.
What was yellow glows orange;
What was red intensifies and sometimes startles.
Trees and grasses appear dappled with new colors,
Delighting a gardener.
Written by Marilyn W., January 17, 2014