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Monthly Archives: January 2014

How EnChroma’s smart sunglasses can help solve color blindness

EnChroma uses a mathematical formula to directly communicate with the brain’s visual system. This system is calculated to help a color-blind person observe the correct ratios the brain needs for normal color vision. The company uses over 100 reflective coatings at different opacities rather than a single tinted lens.

How EnChroma’s smart sunglasses can help solve color blindness
by Christina Farr for Venture Beat (Jan 2014)

Glasses That Solve Colorblindness

The highlight came on Day 4 of my tests, when my kids discovered a rainbow arcing across the sky, pointing and exclaiming. I looked. With my own eyes, I could barely see it. Maybe there was a soft arc of yellow, but that was it.

Then I put on the glasses. Unbelievable! Now I saw two entire additional color bands, above and below the yellow arc. It was suddenly a complete rainbow. I don’t mind admitting, I felt a surge of emotion. It was like a peek into a world I knew existed, but had never been allowed to see.

Glasses That Solve Colorblindness, for a Big Price Tag
by David Pogue, New York Times (Aug 2013)

EnChroma glasses designed to compensate for color-blindness

The key to the sunglasses’ performance is a proprietary coating on the lenses. Said to be harder and more scratch-resistant than glass, it can be tweaked in production to filter certain wavelengths that cause “color confusion.” The result is an improved signal-to-noise ratio in the perception of colors, in which red and green don’t just appear as variations of yellowy-brown – as an example.

EnChroma glasses designed to compensate for color-blindness
Ben Coxworth for (Sept 2012)

EnChroma unveils sunglasses for the color blind

EnChroma, an optical technology company that focuses on products for people who are “color vision deficient,” has introduced its first line of sunglasses for the enhancement of color vision. More than 10 million Americans live with red/green color vision deficiency (CVD), commonly known as “red/green color blindness,” according to company officials.

Read the full article: EnChroma unveils sunglasses for the color blind by Janice Wood for General Aviation News (Sept 2012)

This morning has been amazing…

Dear EnChroma,

Words cannot describe my gratitude for your work. Recently, my wife emailed you for a pair of glasses and you expedited them to Phoenix for her.

I write to you, sitting on the back porch, wearing them now. After 27 years I am able to differentiate reds, greens, browns, blues, and purples for the first time. Even more amazing, the weather in Phoenix has been very wet, and I saw a rainbow for the first time. I really SAW it. This morning has been amazing and overwhelming. It hit its peak when I was able to look into my wife’s eyes and see the many shades of green and brown – something I cannot think about even now without getting emotional.

Thank you for bringing a new, colorful perspective to life.
Thankfully, Ray D.

No wonder people love fall colors so much…

The glasses gave me better distinction between green and brown – trees showed up way brighter than they ever have. That was the most significant change that occurred to me when first trying on the glasses. But then, there were subtle changes in the distinctions between red and green. Fall colors on trees became very evident – no wonder people love fall colors so much. Traffic lights also looked a lot more clean – I was able to tell a stark difference between the red and yellow lights, when before I would always view traffic lights just based on the order from top to bottom. -Prashanth V.

A HUGE positive effect.

“They have had a HUGE positive effect on my son Jason, who is 12, is a strong protanope by your tests. We’ve known about this for a long time – he sees roses as black, for example. He’s been in denial about it, though – he’ll say “I think it’s getting better; I can tell some more colors apart.” That is, until we read the article this summer about your glasses in the NYT. Even reading the article changed the way he looked at his color blindness. I think knowing that a successful person had the same condition as him and that there was at least a partial cure made him more OK with being color blind. He would talk more openly about what he can and can’t see and it did not seem to upset him nearly as much as before. When he tried the glasses, he could really see a difference and he liked it – we’d look at trees and flowers and he saw more colors.” – Brian W.

I’d never seen a green that intense before.

When I first heard about EnChroma on the web, I was so excited. All my life I had wanted to see like my parents and friends, but never had the chance. Being red/green colorblind, the green light at stoplights looked pale white and many other colors get washed out as well. When I drove out from testing and receiving my pair of glasses, my world turned upside down. Who knew green lights are green!! I’d never seen a green that intense before, and I can’t equate it to anything I’ve seen since. These glasses have made such a huge impact on my life, and I couldn’t be happier with them. Being able to tell between blue & purple, and green & brown… I can’t even describe the feeling. -Harry M.

There is just so much more there.

“Is that… orange? Wow, that must be one of the colors I am not used to seeing. There is just
so much more there.” –Evans Forde, Protan, subject of the film No Such Thing As Color

Everything is just more vivid and more clear.

Everything is just more vivid and more clear. It is like if you take a television and you turn the color knob up and it just all gets brighter…. I’m able to see colors in the way that they should be seen. And I am realizing that the way I have been seeing them is just a more dull and constricted version of color, and now it just exploded.

– Daniel S, Protan

My world of enhanced color vision has profoundly changed.

I have now used my EnChroma sunglasses for over a week. Without sounding overly dramatic, my world of enhanced color vision has profoundly changed. Being red/green colorblind, the EnChroma sunglasses allow me to distinguish between a spectrum of colors; red, green & yellow, purple and blue, and green & brown. I never imagined that I would be so incredibly affected by the ability to see distinct vivid colors, once confusing and hard to differentiate. I use the EnChroma sunglasses over my prescription glasses and I have found them to be comfortable and easy to wear. In fact, I soon forget I even have the sunglasses on! I can never express enough how thankful I am to EnChroma for giving me the beautiful and distinct world of color.

Best Regards, Howard K